[Instiz] Enraged 'Infinity Challenge' fans burn merchandise over Jang Dong Min's leave

Instiz: 'Infinity Challenge' fans are currently leaving the fandom

"Do they really need to go this far..."

"Bye bye~"

"They better not dare even watch the show again."

"The fans of this show are idol fandom-level..."

"Whoever was chosen, it was inevitable that a reaction like this would happen."

"Looking at stuff like this makes Jang Dong Min out to be some innocent victim in this all.."

"Jang Dong Min left the show on his own, why are people getting riled up?"

"People are seriously leaving over Jang Dong Min..."

"I don't care about any of this fandom stuff but I think it's so wrong to burn anything with someone's face on it, whether you like them or not.."

"I think the fandom will be just fine without people like them."

"What did they expect the show to do? Beg Jang Dong Min to stay when he volunteered to leave?"