G.NA earns sympathy on 'Mask Best Singer'

Article: 'Mask Best Singer' G.NA sings from her heart

OSEN via Naver

1. [+1,821, -28] It's a good show for singers like her

2. [+1,816, -69] It seems like she wants to switch routes to becoming a ballad singer;;;; Baek Ji Young sounds like her role model but her agency isn't allowing it, aigoo;;

3. [+1,653, -33] She's a good singer, all she needs is a good song from Cube to get that push

4. [+1,450, -42] Sang super well, made me choke up when she cried

5. [+1,107, -35] Supporting you in the future, fighting!

6. [+276, -8] Sounds like she's been upset that Cube kept pushing her in the sexy concept direction when she trained for such a long time to become a singer. I'd be upset too if I trained like that only to be whittled down to sexy concepts and having my boobs mentioned everywhere. As a viewer, I understood where she was coming from, which made it sadder... I'll be supporting you so find strength!

7. [+250, -5] I could tell it was G.NA the moment I heard her sing

8. [+239, -19] If you think about it, G.NA has rarely emphasized her body in her stage outfits. She's more covered up than most.

9. [+209, -11] I thought G.NA was the better singer ㅜㅜ

10. [+181, -6] Surprised me with her singing. There are so many so called singers who can't sing as well as this.


Source: Nate

1. [+1,143, -36] Good singer with a pretty voice... but her company media plays too much about her body that her singing talents are usually buried. It seems like she's been hurt by that..

2. [+888, -33] I never knew who she was but I could understand how she was feeling when she cried during her interview. Having her visuals known more than her singing made her happier for being recognized for her voice alone and having Baek Ji Young recognize her was better than winning kind of shows how she has been feeling. I felt sorry for just knowing her as a big chest star all along.

3. [+871, -36] If the first round eliminated Kim Jong Seo, Lee Hongki, and G.NA, who actually made it?!