Euna Kim says the tough competition made her leave YG

Article: Euna Kim, "The reason I left YG? Tough competition... I didn't feel up to par"

Source: Star News via Naver

1. [+7,489, -489] Seems YG trainees are super talented... Euna Kim's a good singer herself so for her to be saying that must mean so..

2. [+4,762, -224] Waste of her talents to debut in a girl group... sad but I hope to see her on TV soon

3. [+3,225, -151] Euna Kim fighting ㅠㅠ

4. [+2,863, -133] She was such a cutie ㅋ

5. [+546, -55] YG feels like a high school full of misfits who specialize in specific talents.. SM is like an arts high school full of handsome and pretty kids.. and JYP just seems like your average high school with nice but not really outstanding students that gets one or two into Seoul University a year

6. [+478, -48] YG has been media playing about their natural beauty group to overtake SNSD since 2011 and they're sitll not out. It was hopeless for her to stay so I'm glad she left.

7. [+380, -15] While watching 'WIN', I felt like the training in YG is such a harsh environment that any average person wouldn't be able to withstand it

8. [+342, -42] Well it is YG... one of the top three companies and the company best known for its fair income distribution so of course it's going to have tons of talented trainees vying for a spot..