Couple with 100 day old son saved from attempted suicide

Article: Couple in thirties who tried to commit suicide with 100 day old son saved

Source: Newsis via Nate

The couple got into a fight and the two decided to commit suicide in the heat of the moment and took their 100 day old son with them in their car. The wife's parents overheard and reported it to the police, and the couple and baby were saved within 30 minutes.


1. [+446, -13] A child is not your possession the minute it leaves your womb. He is an individual with his own rights. I'm sure that 100 day old baby wanted to live. Stop committing suicide with your children.

2. [+328, -8] What crime did the 100 day old baby commit to deserve to have his life threatened over his parents getting into a fight in the heat of the moment??

3. [+245, -23] The couple seems to be the self-destructive type... harm yourself to inflict more harm on those who love you, it's just an endless cycle, really.

4. [+14, -5] Why even get married and have kids if you can't handle it... why do they think so many are putting it off nowadays?

5. [+14, -2] Aigoo, you fools ㅡㅡ A 100 day old baby must be so beautiful and the parents are wasting his precious days on being fools

6. [+13, -1] This is not just an issue of suicide but attempted murder... Why do so many parents think of their children as their sole possessions

7. [+8, -0] This is not a case of suicide but murder + suicide.

8. [+8, -1] You have the right to raise a life but you do not have the right to murder it.