'We Got Married' reps say they will be keeping Yewon on the show

Article: 'WGM' community board filled with requests to take Yewon off the show

Mydaily via Nate

1. [+1,935, -92] If only she had come out with a statement like this ("I had made a mistake as well but I did not do it with malicious intent to make her feel bad. I spoke informally out of habit and it seems I annoyed her. I apologize for that and will reflect over it.") she probably wouldn't have gotten as much hate. Instead she lied about how she got yelled at when all she did was breathe and turned Lee Tae Im into a psycho. Yewon's a b*tch.

2. [+1,717, -97] I also request the two-faced Yewon to be taken off the show.

3. [+1,626, -85] Dispresectful b*tch who thinks it's okay to speak informally without any respect to seniority just because she's cold...


Article: 'WGM' reps respond, "We do not have plans to discuss Yewon leaving the show"

: Ilgan Sports via Naver

1. [+14,939, -1,114] Yewon-ah, we don't like you~

2. [+13,370, -642] They should start discussing it soon... the WGM homepage is being spammed with posts asking Yewon to leave the show.

3. [+12,476, -618] Imagine how much Yewon is swearing about Lee Tae Im in her head right now

4. [+10,314, -492] Whatever, do you want. At least the viewers won't lie.

5. [+10,128, -461] Oh she'll be leaving soon

6. [+3,802, -94] MBC is crazier than Yewon ㅡㅡ You can hear a female staff at the end of the video telling Yewon that she "didn't do anything wrong"... clearly all of the producers are on Yewon's side and are all nuts.

7. [+3,287, -73] Funny how Lee Tae Im's leave was decided so quickly but Yewon gets all this protective treatment~~ tsk tsk

8. [+3,153, -64] Why? They cut Lee Tae Im off sharper than a knife...