[Pann] The reality of fashion forward Korea?

Pann: Korea's known for their top fashion but this is reality

1. [+30, -1] Koreans have no individuality. As soon as one thing trends, everyone goes and buys it and throws it out as soon as something else trends. We just care too much about trends and what others think.

2. [+23, -3] This is true... Westerners care about individuality but Koreans care more about following the trends and not falling behind... I remember my teacher saying she knows a foreigner who was so surprised when he first landed in the Korean airport because everyone was wearing the same clothes... so let's stop following trends and work on building our individuality. Don't tease others for not having good fashion.

3. [+23, -0] You can tell just with the honey butter chips craze, people are trend crazy

4. [+13, -0] Well students will bully you if you don't wear a $700 Northface jacket so of course parents will break their backs to buy their kids one

5. [+10, -0] People really just need to stop laughing and teasing people who dare to dress outside of the trends

6. [+10, -0] I don't follow the trends but there are people who stare at me and laugh on the inside when they see me wearing stuff that is done trending

7. [+8, -0] Because people care too much about what others think. And even if you try not to care, others shove their opinions in your face. There's no way out.

8. [+4, -0] I live near a college so I see college students often and they all dress similarly. No individuality... same clothes, just different colors  ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

9. [+3, -0] I lived abroad for a long time and recently got back to Korea and I was so surprised at how similarly everyone dressed...