Journalist argues for Gain's original dance to be performed on public broadcast

Article: Want to see Gain's real dance performed on public broadcast

Source: ize via Naver

1. [+1,283, -228] What? You want to see porn on public broadcast?

2. [+938, -138] The performance is messy... she was better during 'Bloom'

3. [+669, -91] I don't think public broadcast is ready for that yet...

4. [+235, -24] Can someone explain to me why it's porn if other girl groups do it but it's artistic when Gain does it

5. [+191, -11] Stop trying to sound all logical and stuff. Does it bother you that much that a public broadcast channel has restrictions to keep sexual lyrics, dances, and swears off of TV? Is freedom of expression that important to adults that you're willing to let our youth watch and listen to such things on TV?

6. [+187, -18] Are you nuts. Gain clearly went over the line with this.

7. [+178, -21] It can never happen! It's no different from porn. If music shows allow this and more and more sexual and provocative concepts, our kids are going to become more and more numb to exposure and sexual content.

8. [+172, -20] Only you, journalist. The rest of us don't want to see it.

9. [+165, -14] What a pervert... he wants little children watching that dance on TV?

10. [+151, -14] I am a woman and I find the dance embarrassing. I am against the dance being aired on a public broadcast music show where the entire family is home to watch together.