Female victim in sexual assault scandal also found to be an idol

Article: [Exclusive] Idol sexual assault scandal... victim is also an idol

Source: YTN via Naver

1. [+5,954, -64] "The entertainment industry is an animal kingdom" - Lee Joon

2. [+4,139, -41] Normally a scandal like this would be on the live search rankings but it's so quiet because they're both unpopular idols...

3. [+3,834, -27] The female idol must be a nobody too. They'd already be up and down blind items if they were famous... tsk tsk, how did this happen. I hope investigations reveal the truth.

4. [+3,093, -32] Who's Zest...?

5. [+1,959, -15] What a mess...

6. [+352, -12] Idols are nothing special... if anything, they're just kids who smoke and drank in high school, skipped classes, and were basically iljin trash... Idols my butt..

7. [+285, -5] Why isn't Dispatch doing their job? Or they don't care because they're not popular?

8. [+254, -8] The scandal's getting bigger now...

9. [+206, -4] The important part is that they're just a speck of dust in terms of what's surfaced... I bet underneath the industry, there are so many dirtier things going on.

10. [+188, -7] Do companies not manage their rookie artists anymore?


Source: Nate

1. [+23, -4] So she was raped once and he tried again a couple of days later but she didn't report the first incident and even let him the second incident... something's weird. Why would she let her rapist in to her home instead of taking action the first time?

2. [+18, -1] She's a b*tch. Considers it sex when they're dating and then turns around to report him for rape after they break up.

3. [+12, -0] We won't know until investigations turn up but it sounds like it was consensual from both parties but the girl didn't like the way something turned out so she's suing him for rape...