Suwon chief judge discovered to have written thousands of hateful comments online

Article: Chief Judge under controversy for hateful comments online

Source: No Cut News via Nate

A chief judge in Suwon was found to have made several thousands of hateful comments online under anonymous user IDs. One of the comments was on an article about the Sewol Ferry 'fish cake' controversy where he claimed that it was an infringement on his right to freedom of expression for Korea to prosecute the man and that other countries would laugh at Korea for dealing out such a consequence. Debate is ongoing about whether he as a judge should be accountable for his online comments.

1. [+2,856, -235] Can't believe a judge is an Ilbe

2. [+2,414, -225] This country's a mess. This man clearly can't judge right from wrong himself, who is he to judge others?

3. [+1,842, -180] I doubt his judgments are fair

4. [+94, -32] So he thinks that Sewol Ferry fish cake picture was a freedom of expression? This guy's really a judge? I feel bad for everyone who was ruled under him.

5. [+62, -26] Ilbe is just everywhere...


Article: 'Comment Judge' halts work... consequences inevitable

Source: Yonhap News via Naver

1. [+710, -333] How does he have any right to judge others when he is so biased himself?

2. [+245, -53] I understand that it's wrong for a judge to write hateful comments and stuff online but he wrote them anonymously, how'd they even find that it was him? Isn't that an even bigger issue in itself? Sure the judge can just be dealt the penalties but there's a clear breach of privacy here if anonymous accounts aren't really anonymous.

3. [+210, -61] With what right are they punishing the judge for when he wrote comments anonymously online? It's not like he revealed himself to be a judge or wrote hateful comments as bad as kids from Ilbe..

4. [+204, -58] They're seriously going to punish him for something he wrote anonymously?

5. [+88, -12] I'm more scared about how people found these anonymous comments..

6. [+91, -16] How are we supposed to write comments anymore if it's not even guaranteed that they're anonymous

7. [+67, -5] I say this is more the media's war on internet sentiment. They're basically threatening everyone saying if you have opinions different from the mass, we're going to take you off your anonymous account and reveal you to the country.

8. [+46, -6] Why are none of the articles explaining how his identity was revealed? This is a bigger matter here because clearly nothing's private and we've lost our right to remain anonymous.


Nate Poll: What're your thoughts on the 'Chief Judge comments' scandal?

1. It's not a problem - 52% (Left anonymously, freedom of expression)
2. It's a problem - 46% (Is he fit for the job? Should be fired)
3. Other - 2%

1. [+30, -8] Since when did referring to people who drowned in the ocean as 'fish cakes' a freedom of expression?

2. [+25, 6-] How can we trust for the right judgments to be made when the chief judge has a mindset like this?

3. [+12, -1] Just like how teachers aren't allowed to show religious or political bias, I think the same should be applied to judges. Freedom of expression changes according to who you are. Chief judges especially should not show a political bias like that.

4. [+11, -1] Ridiculing and putting down the dead while hiding under an anonymous name should not be considered freedom of expression. There are people who commit suicide because of hateful comments. How can we trust a judge to make the right decisions when he habitually writes hateful comments online? I think someone who works in the field of law should be someone with great and upright character.