Singer JOO's contract with JYP comes to an end

Article: [Exclusive] Singer Joo becomes a Free Agent... ends contract with JYP on positive note

: Star News via Naver

1. [+1,511, -62] She ruined her career with her iljin controversy

2. [+1,250, -60] Releasing as an FA is basically a better way for the company to say they let them rot away at the back of their company because they had no worth as products

3. [+967, -36] Didn't she go on indefinite hiatus after getting in controversy for smoking as a minor right after her debut?

4. [+776, -59] Thought she quit because she never released an album after 2012. Hope she comes back with good music soon.

5. [+694, -43] I liked her song Because of a Man..

6. [+186, -6] She went back to being a trainee after her debut and scandals of her high school career surfaced. JYP let her release an album a few years after that but she started getting stage fright and would shake and cry on stage. Never released any more albums after that. She was in musicals and stuff though.

7. [+97, -7] She's a good singer but she never got back on stage because of stage fright... I remember her crying on stage ㅠ

8. [+86, -5] I remember her singing with Taeyeon... Park Jin Young called her his jewel.

9. [+77, -7] JYP probably let her go because she's old now and has no worth as a product. It's a cold world.