[Instiz] 2015 agency plans in a nut shell

Instiz: 2015 plans for agencies

A Cube
- A Pink will be focusing on concerts after their January concerts and will then spread out into an Asian tour
- They have a positive response in Japan so they will be focusing on international schedules as well
- Huh Gak comeback in the beginning of the year
- New boy group to be launched in the second half of the year

- Will be focusing on their singers developing into musicians
- More focus will be put on 4minute and G.NA
- 4minute comeback in the beginning of the year
- New girl group CLC scheduled for debut

- KARA to broaden their activities to China
- More focus on concerts
- 'DSP Girls' scheduled for debut
- Male idol group scheduled for second half of the year

- VIXX will be focusing on international schedules
- Sung Shi Kyung and Park Hyo Shin will remain in the ballad market
- Seo In Guk will focus on Japanese activities
- Girl group to be launched in the second half of the year

- Preparing for the launch of girl group Six Mix
- Also the launch of Five Live
- miss A, 15&, and Park Ah Yeon are preparing comebacks

- Many new projects in the New Year with a new boy band + girl group
- Kim Kwang Soo is preparing a boy band like MC the Max/FT Island
- The new girl group will be completely different from T-ara in style
- T_ara will be promoting actively with solo projects

- Will finally unveil a big project they've been working on for four years
- Boy group Seventeen will debut in the beginning of the year
- Orange Caramel will promote actively to the point where they seem like a group on their own, no longer a sub unit
- After School will be going through a rebirth in the second half of the year
- Many projects planned in collaboration with China in not only music but concerts and beauty

- Will be focusing on solo projects to bring out new charms in their artists
- Joghyun, Amber's solos
- BoA's 15th anniversary, EXO, Super Junior comebacks

- To focus on a more variety of projects like Soyu x Junggigo to cement their label name
- Preparing for the successful launch of their rookie boy group
- They've realized that SISTAR and Boyfriend are popular in China and will put more effort into their Chinese advancements

TOP Media
- The focus will be on TEEN TOP's solo activities in solo releases, dramas, musicals, and composition.
- The group will more actively in Korea
- 100% to focus on domestic + international promotions
- Despite having two boy groups, TOP Media will be launching a new boy group (timing unconfirmed but within the year)

- Will continue to promote SONAMOO
- SECRET to focus on solo activities like acting and solo releases
- Currently looking into international advancements for Untouchable and SONAMOO
- Discussing SECRET's Japanese promotions + SONAMOO's Chinese + Japanese debuts
- Untouchable earned a positive response in Japan so they will officially start promos there this year

- New girl group scheduled for the beginning of the year. Details unconfirmed but it will be a large group over 5 members.
- After Jinyoung's solo activities, B1A4 will go straight into preparing for their group comeback.

- Will be promoting INFINITE in a variety of ways, starting with INFINITE-H and Sunggyu's solo album.
- INFINITE is also preparing a group album so fans will have a continuous flow of INFINITE promos
- New boy group is also being prepared, scheduled for debut as soon as LOVELYZ makes a name for themselves
- Their biggest concern is how well LOVELYZ will do because their following projects are scheduled around that
- Woollim will also be building a special room for their fans in the company building

- iKON's debut is the hot issue, scheduled for sometime early this year
- New girl group debut + Big Bang's new album are also scheduled
- Psy promised fans a full album, not a single, with him back to his colors