Can Lee Byung Hun's acting save his image again?

Article: Public sentiment turns its back on Lee Byung Hun, even his acting talents can't help him this time

Source: Newsen via Nate

Article talks about how his upcoming movie releases are in a pickle due to the public's resentment against Lee Byung Hun and must postpone release dates or suffer a loss from his drop in image. Also mentions how Lee Byung Hun was able to overcome previous scandals by making up for it with his good acting but how tables have likely turned this time around and the public won't be as easy to persuade.

1. [+1,928, -80] He petitioned for the girls to have more severe sentences right before he ran away to America because his image was tarnished. That alone just shows he's a trash human being and deserves every hate he gets.

2. [+1,232, -42] Sorry, I don't care about him anymore

3. [+1,014, -30] Even if 'The Terminator' does well, it has nothing to do with Lee Byung Hun... that movie has always been slated to do well. I really hope I don't have to read articles saying "the public has changed their mind about Lee Byung Hun" just because the movie itself does well...

4. [+89, -3] He's not the only actor who's good at acting. There are plenty of others who can fill his shoes -_-;

5. [+77, -3] He kept his image hush hush for so long and it's all out in the open now, there's nothing he can do about it

6. [+73, -3] He needs to suffer failure for once... He gets into multiple scandals like this but somehow always comes out the victim, always the victim no matter the crime... I'm disgusted to think that I was once touched by his works... No matter what strings he pulls to come back this time, I refuse to watch his movies..

7. [+60, -3] He clearly committed a wrong too but he goes around acting like he's the victim in all of this... He's going to get what's coming to him.

8. [+58, -3] I don't want to defend the two ladies but... can't they countersue for sexual harassment?

9. [+43, -6] If a married actress had done something like this, she would've been exiled to the grave... But just because he's a Korean man, he still somehow gets shielded.

10. [+40, -4] He's disgusting... Never again will I see his works.