Music shows find themselves in a pickle with EXID's potential to win #1

Article: EXID's 'Up & Down' challenges #1 spot... broadcast channels in an awkward situation

Source: Sports Donga via Naver

SBS excludes you from the rankings if it's been more than 10 weeks since you closed promotions. MBC is "still discussing whether they should be eligible to win #1". KBS will be awarding a trophy if they make it to #1.

1. [+8,781, -511] Whether they climbed back up or not, they should be able to win #1 if they got there

2. [+5,250, -356] Up down, up, up, down

3. [+4,296, -493] If they win, they deserve to win

4. [+3,840, -414] The song is addictive though... fighting!

5. [+3,487, -453] Starting another day off with Hani's fancam

6. [+374, -16] We have 'Cherry Blossom Ending' coming back up the charts every spring so why not ㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+367, -45] Why wouldn't you give them #1 if they deserve it fair and square?

8. [+403, -108] They're doing well digitally but their physical sales aren't enough for them to win #1

9. [+273, -32] Put them on the same point system as everyone else, why are music shows even thinking of excluding them?

10. [+220, -50] The winner deserves to be the most popular song. No wonder music shows have lost all trust when they base their winners off of stupid fangirls voting in.

11. [+190, -24] I hope other agencies don't pressure the channels to exclude them

12. [+183, -18] Why not??? If they win #1, they should deserve their trophy. Didn't Busker Busker get a trophy a year after 'Cherry Blossom Ending' release??

13. [+172, -21] Isn't the point of winning songs to be whatever's the most popular at the time?

14. [+141, -30] Winners should be the most popular song unless music shows are purposely fooling the public

15. [+82, -8] Why are broadcast channels in a pickle if EXID wins??? Unless they promised to give other singers trophies already ㅋㅋㅋ