Girl's Day to have a comeback early next year

Article: [Exclusive] Girl's Day to have group comeback in the first half of next year

Source: OBS via Naver

1. [+1,797, -179] Please make Hyeri practice her singing before you have a comeback... I still can't get over the shock of MAMA

2. [+1,125, -115] Not like they had units or solos or anything, it's just a comeback, not necessarily a group comeback

3. [+1,044, -171] Girl's Day, SISTAR, and A Pink are definitely the top girl groups nowadays. Girl's Day doesn't even have a member that has no schedule.

4. [+831, -128] They're probably calling it a group comeback since Minah had to sit out for year-end stuff for her injury

5. [+572, -354] Every day Girl's Day~ ^^*

6. [+216, -66] They should make Hyeri practice her singing instead of sticking her on varieties or dramas...; Her MAMA performance was shocking; she can't even sing and yet she's going into acting... where's the focus

7. [+133, -18] Their company's entirely reliant on Girl's Day so I've noticed that they tend to overwork them a lot. I like that they got more popular off of 'Something' but as a fan, Yura and Hyeri have a lot of improving to do. Frequent comebacks are great but only if they're actually practicing and improving in between.

8. [+171, -56] Please practice your singing... especially you, Hyeri

9. [+131, -36] Can't even shield Hyeri's singing ㅋㅋㅋ