Yang Hong Suk and Jung Jin Hyung opt to stay with YG post iKON elimination

Article: 'Eliminated from iKON' Yang Hong Suk and Jung Jin Hyung, decides to stay in YG after meeting with Yang Hyun Suk

Source: Star News via Naver

1. [+3,576, -118] Yang Hyun Suk always talks like he's doing them a huge favor when this is the same tactic he uses with everyone

2. [+3,096, -102] What're they staying for... I don't think YG's going to debut another male group for another 10 years

3. [+2,521, -90] Sigh... Should've left, there's no hope for a debut if they stay b

4. [+2,452, -81] It'd be way better for them to join a different agency... Now they have to suffer through more survivals...

5. [+433, -26] Hong Suk's going to turn 22 next year, why is he staying when he knows there's no more hope? Yang Hyun Suk's already put out enough male and female groups, he probably won't debut another one for a while now. Just leave while you can.

6. [+411, -23] And YG will cut them once they're all forgotten... They just don't want to give them up to other agencies. Planning to keep them until they're forgotten.

7. [+387, -25] Hong Suk-ah, debut somewhere else... you have so much potential

8. [+365, -31] Despite all the talk about them not fitting in with B team or being an iljin in the past, they're more talented than the kid who actually made it. The kid who made it isn't even memorable while I actually thought these two were talented whenever I saw them on stage.

9. [+294, -8] Hong Suk-ah, you stay in there and you're going to end up doing a survival against Yedam.