[Pann] Response to Zico's 'Tough Cookie' controversy

Pann: Zico's new track lyric controversy

This Pann summarizes the two major issues with Zico's music video, the first being the Confederate flag and a part in the lyrics where he uses the word "faggot".

1. [+448, -177] Is he crazy?;; Why does he always stir up controversies, I really don't get it. Is it a ploy to get more fame or is he just thoughtless..? There's even a state in America that fines you for using that word and he actually used it in his lyrics... how embarrassing.

2. [+397, -174] That word "faggot" most people know to be a derogatory word but if you look it up in the dictionary, there are two definitions of it and I think people should realize that. The first meaning is gay but it also means minced meat. As for the Confederate flag shirt, it was produced by black American rapper Kanye West to never forget what happened. We don't know whether Zico's wearing it knowing that meaning but I think people should be aware of what that shirt means.

3. [+338, -161] Is Downfall B's concept embarrassing the country ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+220, -144] I was born and raised in America and that word "faggot" is used commonly here. It's not used in the context that people are assuming... it's like any swear in Korea, it's not used for the original definition. "Faggot" is used more to call someone a loser or a babo over here.

5. [+160, -9] This is my first time learning about the Confederate flag. I had no idea such a thing existed.

6. [+148, -14] I bet Zico just wore it because his coordi gave it to him.. I doubt Zico's smart enough to know anything about history and stuff.. even I'm finding out for the first time today ㅋㅋ Go out and ask people on the streets if they know anything about it, no one will, you losers..

7. [+146, -35] He's just some loser who thought throwing in a few English cuss words would make him look cool since Swings and San-E do it too. Obviously he crossed the line ㅋㅋ shouldn't use words you don't know or at least be all the more careful about it.

8. [+131, -40] I mean, no matter how stupid someone is, they're obviously not going to randomly stop in the middle of the lyrics and be like, "Oh boy, I better put down some gays while I'm at it!!" ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I doubt his intention was to put down gays or anything;

9. [+120, -22] People are going crazy on YouTube over this right now

10. [+112, -4] I think it's true that he gets more hate simply because he's an idol... but it's also because he's an idol that he should've been more careful. Idols are exposed so much to teens and young fans will obviously memorize lyrics by their favorite oppa... and if they use these words subconsciously while traveling abroad somewhere, who are we to blame?


Pann: Controversy over Zico's lyrics?

This Pann tries to clarify some of the misconceptions over the use of the word "faggot". It links DJ Dopsh's tweets on the issue where he explains that "faggot" is used loosely and commonly in America to mean "loser" or "idiot".

The Pann also links various other instances in K-hiphop songs where the word "faggot" is used, for example in the lyrics of Epik High, Yoon Mirae, San-E, No Brain, Geeks, and Cho PD.

Lastly, it links a picture of Kanye West wearing the Confederate flag along with his production intent.

1. [+217, -59] More posts like this need to go up, enough with all of the hate on Zico

2. [+202, -222] Honestly, I don't even know if the song's all that good anyway... People keep talking like Zico's better than MC Mong but his songs ranked way lower than him on the charts ㅠㅠ

3. [+182, -55] Pathetic how people are witch hunting Zico without knowing any facts or evidences

4. [+75, -127] Block B fans are scary, look at these upvotes. You guys really think Zico doesn't deserve all this hate? Even international K-Pop fans are up in arms over the use of the F word, and you guys are really trying to justify the use by saying he meant it as the meaning 'loser'? Please educate yourself before writing clarification trash like this.

5. [+60, -18] The word "faggot" is used in America like the word "loser" or "idiot" is used over here. And the song is rated 19+, why are people judging him like he's an idol when he released this as an adult rapper? And the Confederate flag shirt? You guys do realize that he wore it for the reverse meaning, right? Zico's not as thoughtless as you guys think, you can tell just from reading his lyrics. Why wouldn't he be careful as an idol with lots of scandals under his belt to begin with?

6. [+48, -11] Oh, so it was a witch hunt all along? Poor Zico..;

7. [+48, -12] Posts like this get buried while witch hunt posts get upvoted of course

8. [+46, -10] (Post of Yoon Mirae, Dok2, and San-E's lyrics where they use the word "faggot")