[Instiz] LOVELYZ's Seo Jisoo mess

Instiz: Woollim girl group Seo Jisoo summary of sexual harassment scandal

SUMMARIZED: Woollim denied all of the rumors going around and threatened legal action but there are several accounts online of pre-debut Seo Jisoo talking sexually about several idols as well as dating several girls and spreading pictures she took of them naked. The following is just a summary of what's being said. The only "proof" that people provided are alleged selcas that Seo Jisoo only sent them and don't exist anywhere else on the internet as well as pictures of Woollim training centers that she sent the people she dated.

A popular online activity among Korean teens is roleplaying as celebrities on SNS like Kakao Story. Around 2012, she roleplayed as INFINITE/EXO members and said sexual things like "I want to rape Do Kyungsoo", "I wonder what color ***'s dick is", "I want to sleep with L", "I want to rape Kyungsoo till he bleeds". She was also involved with date rape, school violence, and animal abuse.

Regarding the girls she dated, she had allegedly forced them into sleeping with her and took pictures of them naked to show them to her friends. She also outed one of her ex-girlfriends on her college's homepage. All of these accounts were posted on roleplaying cafes that she frequented by the people she roleplayed with and dated.

One of the girls she dated posted: "The reason I'm posting this is because I dated her in 2011 and we broke up because of internal issues. We started dating again in 2012 until I found out that she had spread pictures of my body."

"This is a selca that Seo Jisoo sent me herself. You can search anywhere on the internet, you won't find it anywhere else."

In the original Instiz post, you can find Kakao Talk pictures of an adult toy that Seo Jisoo had bought one of her exes as well.

Another post by her ex: "She took a hidden camera video of us having sex and spread it to the company that I was working for. Rumors of me being a slut began spreading even though I was simply making love to someone I had loved. The video was taken without me knowing. Now I am scared of dating anyone and for a while I couldn't even leave my house. I quit working for my company and lied to my parents. I even tried to commit suicide. The only thing that I want now is for Jisoo to not be happy. I don't want her being forgiven for all of her crimes with her debut after ruining someone else's life. I am including pictures that Seo Jisoo personally sent me of pictures inside her company."

Her woollim training schedule


"This is shocking..."

"People keep focusing on the wrong issue at hand but what's more severe than all of the disgusting sexual things she said about other artists is the fact that she spread a video around..."

"If this is true, it's so shocking... not only the fact that she talked so sexually about other artists but that she spread pictures of another woman's body like that... I really hope this isn't true."

"I really don't think this is just a rumor... Woollim threatened to sue but the woman still uploaded more proof to back her story. And it's not even one person but many victims coming forward as well as a major cafe being involved. This isn't simply just a rumor."

"People need to stop focusing on all of the sexual things she said about the other idols and focus on the pictures she leaked without permission."

"If this is true, I never want to see her face on broadcast again. She clearly has psychological issues. Nevermind the sexual remarks she made about the other idols, what about the lives of the victims she ruined..."

"There's really no getting out of this for her..."

"I can't believe Woollim's thinking of defending her. Hopeless."

"Daebak, I've never seen a scandal of this size..."

"I can understand just how traumatized the victims are to be coming forward like this."

"If this is true, then Woollim is conspiring with a criminal. I hope Woollim knows what they're doing because this not only impacts INFINITE but Nell and their other artists as well."

"Woollim's only way out of this is to kick Seo Jisoo out of the group. If they keep her in, she's just going to get more and more hate by the public. She's not even a human being... if Woollim knew all this and still decides to keep her in the group, I hope they burn in hell."

"She really puts all the other pre-debut idol rumors to shame."


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Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+1,145, -300] Sunggyu-ya, you're handsome even while being covered in the dark

2. [+972, -222] The song is totally fit to my tastes... I hope they figure out the Seo Jisoo issue soon

3. [+852, -185] They're in a mess even before their official debut ㅜㅜㅜ

4. [+649, -189] They're all pretty, I liked Baby Soul's song

5. [+637, -197] Good song...

6. [+421, -14] If the rumors are true, she needs to voluntarily leave the group... LOVELYZ as a group is getting hate right now because of that one member. I was in doubt too but there's just too much proof to just call it a rumor.

7. [+358, -14] Please resolve the Seo Jisoo scandal...