Fei reveals she once cried over Park Jin Young's strict training

Article: miss A Fei, "I sobbed over Park Jin Young's strict teaching"

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+3,072, -117] Fei's so pretty..

2. [+2,786, -152] Well he didn't bring her over to let her hang out and play.. I think she'd rather suffer and do well than not do anything at all. They have a lot of training to do, if you know what I mean..

3. [+2,071, -98] Fei looks so classy with her make up done like that... Good at cooking, dancing, ㅎㅎ so pretty!

4. [+2,078, -187] Fei's always working so hard, I wish her the best..

5. [+289, -12] It's really hard to teach someone your own skills... The person learning needs to be grateful. I hope she realized that it's better to learn something in such a strict manner than not learn anything at all and spend her days nameless.

6. [+285, -14] Even with such strict training, JYP has less withdrawals and scandals than other companies

7. [+266, -26] Fei's just as pretty as Suzy.. I love Fei ^^ Even if JYP makes her suffer, I hope she takes it as good medicine and overcomes them.. ^^

8. [+242, -12] JYP's actually the quietest out of the three companies if you think about it