Dispatch provides text messages exchanged between Kim Hyun Joong and A

Article: [Exclusive] The truth behind Kim Hyun Joong's assault case?... Seen through 'evidence'

Dispatch via Naver

General translation of texts exchanged

1. The length of their relationship

Conclusion: KeyEast lacks evidence. A has evidence of their texts dating back to 2013 as well as Kim Hyun Joong hoping she can find back the two years she's lost.

Picture 1: Taken in April 2012 at the beginning of their relationship.
Picture 2: Taken in March 2014 while on a date during 'Inspiring Generation' filming

2013 Texts Kim Hyun Joong sent to A:
- I miss you~
- A-ya~~♥
- I'll be good to you
- Don't break up with oppa
- I love you
- Do you want to live with oppa?

- I'm sorry
- I hope you can find back the two years you've lost.
- These are my genuine feelings.

2. The physical fight

Conclusion: KeyEast lacks evidence. The day after the physical fight took place, Kim Hyun Joong had a Japanese fan meet. No bruises or wounds were seen anywhere on him. A, however, has a text Kim Hyun Joong sent her the day after the fight.

A: My entire body is covered in bruises.. It hurts. I'm so upset it ended up like this. I was beat to the point where I wouldn't die. Why do I have to get beat like this?

Kim Hyun Joong: I don't know why I did it when I knew I'd be sorry not even a day after. I hope your bruises and your pain get better. I'm genuinely sorry.

3. Habitual assault

KeyEast only admits to one case of assault on May 30th that required two weeks of treatment. Therefore, the assault was not habitual.

A has records of over three instances of assault, therefore the assault was habitual. (May 30th requiring two weeks, July 21st requiring six weeks, and another at the end of July).

A's text message to a friend the day after her 'rib cage fight' with Kim Hyun Joong:
- I fought with Kim Hyun Joong.
- My rib hurts so much, I can't lay to the side.
- He pushed it so hard that it cracked.


1. [+1,003, -48] If the texts are true, she did not get hurt by just fooling around

2. [+860, -34] Look at Dispatch with the evidence, daebak goose bumps, scary

3. [+901, -88] There are four types of people that a man should never touch: the weak, the disabled, women, and children.

4. [+709, -35] If they had fooled around one more time, she would've been dead

5. [+438, -11] If they dated for two years, she will obviously have a lot of evidence to back up. Why did KeyEast lie about things that can easily be disproved? Just admit it..

6. [+186, -4] Goosebumps~~ He sounds like a psychopath in the texts... knowing he'd be sorry over actions he chose to commit.

7. [+185, -12] The fact that he hit a woman is already unforgivable~~ How could he hit a woman..

8. [+168, -4] The text messages give me goose bumps... are you sure he's not psychologically ill? He needs help.. He regrets hitting her but does it again anyway.. hul