Actress A retains tight control over the media after broadcast special of soldier's death

Article: Father of soldier Kim Ji Hoon enraged at the army for turning his son's suicide into a personal issue

Source: Sports World via Naver

A TV show featured a special on the father of a soldier who passed away four months into his service in the army and the investigations into the cover ups the army attempted. The army tried to pass it off as a personal suicide, citing self-hatred, lethargy, and psychological illnesses, despite rumors of him being bullied to death by seniors.

There were also traces of the army trying to dig into his elementary/junior/high school records to try and find incriminating evidence to use as further justification for his suicide.

The media is not only blocking articles from coming up but also search rankings and the TV show itself from being searched.


1. [+998, -7] Whether or not you think Han Hyo Joo shares the blame, hundreds of thousands have tried to search for this issue on portal sites but there are no related search terms... so much so that people have even had to add a typo to their searches to get anything through. As a celebrity who lives off of the interest and love of the public, why is she avoiding the backlash? Although she didn't commit the crime herself, one man's life was ruined because of something her family member did. Could the backlash she's receiving now be anything compared to the pain the family of the deceased is feeling..? His family is suffering right now... her family should be suffering too.

2. [+859, -9] And behind it all is Han Hyo Joo and her father

3. [+837, -6] Han Hyo Joo needs to explain what her dongseng did immediately!

4. [+815, -6] Han Hyo Joo, it was nice knowing you. See ya.

5. [+638, -2] Can't the cyber investigations board do anything about Han Hyo Joo not only manipulating the media but completely blocking this issue from being searched at all? The public has a right to know, their opinions should not be manipulated.

6. [+310, -1] Boycotts are being launched against Han Hyo Joo's CF companies

7. [+286, -0] How are there no articles on Han Hyo Joo's dongseng? When Cha Seung Won's son got in trouble, his name was released immediately. Is Han Hyo Joo that powerful of an actress? Ridiculous.

8. [+277, -0] The public needs to help this family but Han Hyo Joo's family is just too strong