Thousand dancers audition to become Hyuna's back dancer

Article: 'Solo comeback' Hyuna, over 1,000 apply to her dance crew audition

OSEN via Naver

1. [+1,803, -122] I really wonder what Hyuna would've been if not a singer

2. [+1,515, -232] A representative case of a celebrity ruined by her own agency's choices

3. [+1,303, -29] Even if celebrities look like they're living an easier life than the rest of us... stuff like this makes you realize how competitive it is. Even just picking a back dancer where you usually get no recognition, thousands show up... I wonder how many people disappeared in the hopes of getting their names known as well as Hyuna's..

4. [+933, -44] No point in holding auditions when it's always going to be the hot body pretty faces that get picked.

5. [+152, -33] Hyuna's never officially gotten into a public rumor with any male celebrity or have had any sex scandals. Her sexy image is a product of her agency and the netizens.

6. [+132, -18] I wish it's a fun song like Bubble Pop~~ Haters, please back off~~ ㅋ

7. [+123, -17] People who call her cheap looking are the same ones who freeze when her music video plays on the TV. Her concepts fit exactly how she looks and I like her even as a woman myself.