SNSD celebrates their 7th anniversary

Article: SNSD celebrates 7th anniversary... '9 different beauties'

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+4,982, -535] One of the only groups in their 8th year where all of the members are still together..

2. [+3,847, -450] SNSD's still amazing, especially when you consider how their fellow debuts have all disbanded... I hope they stay together..

3. [+5,136, -1,842] Taeyeon's the biggest problem... and she calls herself the leader..

4. [+2,803, -407] Time flies so fast. It's hard to stay together for such a long time but I hope they become a long lasting group like Shinhwa.

5. [+2,436, -264] Time flies. Feels like yesterday I was watching them kick the air during 'Into the New World'

6. [+811, -141] What I like the most is that all of the members are still together

7. [+982, -371] Yoona shines the most... Wasn't she the two top with Taeyeon in the past? How did Taeyeon end up like this..

8. [+639, -46] SNSD debuted when I was in elementary school and now I'm preparing for my entrance exams...