[Pann] f(x) cancels schedules for the month

Pann: f(x)'s schedule;;;

This is crazy, they canceled everything...

1. [+109, -7] Sulli definitely caused something. If she was sick, the four of them would continue promoting. It's not like all four of them are sick, why would all schedules have to be canceled unless something was wrong???? And why would SM suddenly release their rookie group so randomly??? They usually put up teasers months in advance but they randomly release debut news; I'm scared f(x) is going to disband at this rate. I hope Sulli gets her head clear and comes back or goes her own path without harming the other members because fans have waited so long for this comeback and we're not even getting to see them..

2. [+86, -5] They specifically said they were going to promote for a long time along with a repackaged album later. If all of this is going down the drain because of Sulli, she is seriously so, so irresponsible.

3. [+67, -2] Hopefully it's not because of the rookie girl group or Sulli... If it's because of any of the two reasons, then something bad's going to happen with f(x) soon.

4. [+48, -1] Meanwhile Sulli's recent whereabouts. Found on a friend's Instagram.

5. [+41, -0] Why are there so many scandals in SM lately...? They must be so lazy nowadays....

6. [+37, -0] The schedule looks like a group on hiatus. f(x) just started promotions and they're already canceling everything? There's definitely something going on whether it's with SM or Sulli

7. [+30, -2] There's something going on... what is it? The random girl group debut too...

8. [+28, -1] What if Sulli ends up like Kim Kibum (former SJ member)