New work hours for celebrity minors stump agencies

Article: 35 hours a week?... idol agencies stumped

Source: Sports Donga via Naver

New law was passed that prohibits stars under the age of 15 from exceeding 35 work hours a week. They also cannot work between 10 pm to 6 am. Those over the age of 15 cannot exceed 40 hours a week and can exceed up to 6 hours (1hour a day) with permission from their parents or themselves.

Agencies, however, find the law unrealistic. Recording one music show episode requires at least 10 hours, and seeing as how idols must perform in 3-4 shows a week, this exceeds the maximum limit allowed. They also have activities outside of music shows like varieties, interviews, events, and CF recordings.

JYP CEO had to say, "We have to follow the law but applying it to reality is difficult." The MCST claimed, "The law was passed to protect the rights of teen celebrities. We will be taking in the voices and opinions of the set and revise as needed."


1. [+1,931, -221] Our country's the best at making laws without thought~

2. [+1,725, -65] So many cases of members fainting on stage like SHINee and TVXQ... They're not machines you know, stop milking them.

3. [+1,549, -25] Idol schedules are indeed too tight... I don't think adults could handle it, must be even harder for teens.

4. [+1,216, -177] The only reason agencies are stumped is because they have to overwork them to make more money

5. [+113, -12] Then idols can't be used in dramas, right??? Assa!!!!

6. [+107, -11] How about the government does something about studying addiction. Kids come home from school at 10 pm, how is that right?

7. [+92, -1] Debuting at 20 years old would be easier

8. [+86, -0] The law seems to be geared towards those under 15... I think kids should at least graduate junior high school before debuting. Learn the basics and train in high school, it still won't be too late.

9. [+82, -0] Seems more fit for minor actors. Putting this into practice with idols would mean they couldn't even debut.

10. [+65, -2] I guess they won't be picking idol minors anymore