f(x)'s 'Red Light' passes KBS

Article: f(x) changes 'caterpillar -> caterpillar (in Korean)', 'Red Light' passes KBS

Star News via Naver

1. [+1,055, -163] Yeah it passed but the song is bad

2. [+876, -94] SM's songs are getting more and more.... Soshi's 'Mr. Mr.'... They need a new composer.

3. [+896, -138] The song's really stupid

4. [+768, 82] f(x) has amazing visuals but their songs are

5. [+120, -11] Can't even hear what the lyrics are saying apart from the song being weird

6. [+96, -9] Didn't hear anything other than 'Red Light' in the lyrics

7. [+85, -7] f(x), this concept is bad ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I wanted a bright, exciting summer song like 'Hot Summer'...

8. [+85, -9] Why do they keep giving f(x) and Soshi these songs... SM really doesn't like dolling them up with prettier concepts.


Article: f(x) "Our new album shows a powerful color all our own... We are not pressured by the rankings"

Source: Star News via Naver

1. [+2,281, -56] But why did you only put make up on one eye?

2. [+2,439, -241] This song starts off sounding bad and ends sounding bad

3. [+1,734, -227] It's weird......

4. [+1,355, -177] I really wish SM would help them out with all the time they've spent ignoring them.. but f(x) is not as bad as you think digitally and physical sales, well of course, are as high as you get with SM.

5. [+406, -41] The song isn't just bad, it's really bad

6. [+406, -46] People are reacting poorly to the song...

7. [+371, -25] The song certainly has a powerful color but it's not only convoluted but different to listen to...

8. [+341, -29] Even the f(x) members don't know what to say about it... because it's so bad...