f(x) releases 'Red Light' comeback music video

Article: f(x)'s unexpected power in 'Red Light'... unique charms

Source: Mydaily via Naver

1. [+1,668, -77] Their visuals are the best I've seen yet but this song is weirdest out of them all ㅠ

2. [+1,448, -53] They've always had convoluted songs but this is the most convoluted I've heard from them... Seems like they lost what they were trying to get across by trying to emphasize a certain concept.

3. [+1,362, -95] SM should admit that they've reached their limits and should employ famous Korean composers. They're ruining their own talented artists with their stubbornness.

4. [+1,321, -81] Why did they choose this concept? I wanted something cute because it's the summer... The concept's the same as their teaser pictures... Although it's a bit scary looking, they're still pretty.

5. [+1,136, -103] It's like some satan concept;;;;

6. [+888, -78] Gives off Free Mason/Illuminati feels

7. [+715, -50] Luna personally looks prettier in this album after her diet

8. [+656, -27] It's certainly powerful but the song itself is weird and doesn't match them

9. [+652, -43] f(x)'s music videos have always been dance focused but it's not this time

10. [+595, -43] Ruined such pretty kids