Choiza receives flack for being inconsiderate towards Sulli with constant mention of their scandal

Article: Is Choiza not reading the flood of hateful comments towards Sulli?

Source: Mydaily via Nate

Article criticizes how Choiza has talked about his 'lost wallet' on three different variety shows already, fueling the negative rumors surrounding him and Sulli.

1. [+724, -33] He can't even protect his young girlfriend... He's out there on TV laughing about it.... I can't stand him....

2. [+618, -26] The article hit the nail on the head. He must be full of himself after talking about it and getting a few laughs the first couple times he talked about it. I really wondered what he was thinking talking about it on SNL like that.

3. [+612, -23] Choiza probably doesn't have a single thought in that head of his at all

4. [+80, -5] He has no sense of respect at all for Sulli. On top of that, he's a celebrity soldier. He's the worst in all extremes. Sulli can do 100000000 times better.

5. [+76, -1] Every time I see him, it just feels like Sulli's image is... getting dirtier?


Source: Naver

1. [+4,505, -157] Choiza's enjoying this. I get that they're dating but in a situation where there are all sorts of sexual comments and pregnancy rumors floating around, did he really have to do that on SNL? What is he going to do about their images once they break up?

2. [+4,358, -160] Why does it feel like Sulli's the victim in all of this?

3. [+3,346, -112] Everything's just too much with him

4. [+2,885, -198] Still can't believe they're denying it with all of this evidence around

5. [+679, -24] Choiza's living the dream as someone 14 years older than her while Sulli's seen as some weird person now and is the victim in all of this, really. She's a woman, let her have some confidence by going public officially or at least not get caught if you're not going to do that. I can't believe he's using their scandal as a gag on a TV show ㅋㅋㅋㅋ He's a joke

6. [+680, -37] This is the final straw for me with Choiza. Why does he keep mentioning it? Does he enjoy the attention?

7. [+687, -44] At this point, I'm even thinking that they've broken up because there's no way a man could do this to his girlfriend.

8. [+642, -43] 100% agree with the article;; He's doing this on purpose. Who does he think he is to ruin a young person's future like this? It's completely his fault that he lost his wallet right as rumors were quieting down. Does he not know the state of comments on f(x) articles? He's a disgusting man.