Jang Bum Joon to make solo comeback in September

Article: [Exclusive] Jang Bum Joon to comeback in September... realistically an 'individual' decision

Source: Starin via Nate

1. [+581, -56] He's not to blame. Busker Busker was a team they made up on the spot and Kim Hyung Tae has already found another job while Brad made a new drum band. Why is Jang Bum Joon being blamed? I'll be looking forward to more warm, smooth songs from him~

2. [+408, -38] Honestly, the other two did ride on his talent

3. [+148, -50] I like Jang Bum Joon but I like the band Busker Busker too. What a shame ㅜㅜ...........


Source: Naver

1. [+4,998, -1,093] I've never seen someone do well after throwing away the people who've been with him through hard times

2. [+3,936, -964] An example of betrayal. He brought them into the group and then kicked them straight out.

3. [+3,319, -587] I wonder if Busker Busker will do well without him?

4. [+3,329, -908] He's always composed his songs and sang them all.. I think he will do fine on his own.

5. [+652, -130] Well he's probably thinking that he composes and sings all of his songs on his own anyway so he has no need for the rest of them ㅋㅋㅋ What happened to the innocent young man who used to busk on the streets