Follow Up: 'Hangover'

Article: Opinions divided on Psy's 'Hangover'... because of comparisons to 'Gangnam Style'?

Source: Yonhap News via Naver

1. [+3,307, -340] Opinions are certainly divided but I'd say the majority are against it ㅠㅜ I looked at comments and they all called it 'shit'

2. [+2,542, -185] The concept is just... too extreme

3. [+2,210, -137] My thoughts after listening to it: ??

4. [+1,873, -147] Too high expectations. It's immature.

5. [+942, -43] I know I'm in no place to speak since I have no music knowledge... but Gentleman and Hangover seem too obviously produced with the foreign reaction in mind. Gangnam Style wasn't originally produced for the foreign market and still became a hit with Korean lyrics. Psy needs to prioritize coming back to who he is...


Article: YG Yang Hyun Suk "Psy is allowed to do the music he pleases... That is the soltuion" [Interview]

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+2,573, -154] Since when was Psy our Korean ambassador? He has his own music, just let him do what he wants without calling him the country's embarrassment.

2. [+1,997, -79] That is true. Psy has individual creativity so I trust that he'll do well on his own.

3. [+1,362, -73] It's his long term career that they're focused on.

4. [+173, -13] I feel like Koreans are the ones rushing and pressuring Psy's international success when at the end of the day, 'Hangover' might just be what Psy wants to do... Just that 'Hangover' fell short to our expectations so we're blaming the pressure of 'Gangnam Style' when it might not be the case.

5. [+95, -3] I wish we'd stop calling Psy Korea's representative musician and pressure him to promoting Korea.. Psy is Psy, no more no less.


Article: 'Hangover' vs 'Gameover'... divided opinions on Psy

Source: Dispatch via Naver

1. [+8,046, -468] Korea's drinking culture is barbaric, don't blame Psy for that and act like it's not. Rich people, smart people, they all drink at room salons with mixed drinks and girls by their sides.

2. [+4,878, -254] Putting my hope on the actual title track 'Daddy'

3. [+4,511, -195] This isn't his title track. The title track is 'DADDY' set for release this summer.

4. [+2,345, -132] Why are Koreans so obsessed with turning people into national representatives? Psy is a singer who happened to achieve worldwide fame but that doesn't change the fact that he's just a singer. Before blaming every little bit of Psy's actions for ruining Korea's image, how about you stop leaving hateful comments, drinking, and buying prostitutes in South East Asian countries. With the way these comments sound, you'd think Psy is singing with the Korean flag wrapped around him.

5. [+837, -60] I don't get why people think Psy should portray Korea only in positive, promotional ways in his music videos ㅡㅡ It's not like we watch Eminem or Ke$ha and think, "America must be a country of gun fights and hurtful slurs towards parents" We just listen to the music for what it is ㅋㅋ