Eunjung talks about her (sexual) preference

Article: Eunjung "I'm aggressive during the day but sweet by night... I want to let the man win"

: Star News via Nate

This TV show asks guests to choose between two (technically sexual) categories and Eunjung chose the one where she's aggressive/outgoing by day but sweet/submissive in the sheets/by night. The other choice is obviously the opposite.

Eunjung: "I was wondering whether I should ask my ex boyfriends about this question."

Shin Dong Yub: "Couldn't you just have asked them during music shows (joking)?"

Eunjung: "I'm the type that's aggressive by day but sweet by night. I want to let the man win at night. I want to give him the ability to conquer/dominate me."


1. [+1,487, -70] Wow ㅋㅋㅋ I think this is the first time an idol publicly admitted to sex

2. [+1,284, -55] This is my first time leaving a reply on a T-ara article.. but doesn't her statement basically mean she's given everything up?

3. [+843, -32] She got her nose done~

4. [+147, -1] Does she not care anymore ㅋㅋㅋ She said she was going to ask her ex boyfriends the question ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+134, -20] Can't believe this is being said on broadcast ㅋㅋ Koreans were never so open minded on sexual topics. I get that we should respect Western culture but why are we following them instead of maintaining our own culture? At this rate, they're going to be asking stars their favorite sex positions on TV.

6. [+114, -8] Since when did we become a country that publicly talked about our sex lives on TV? Maybe I'm too conservative but I just don't understand...

7. [+104, -12] She just publicly admitted to having sex... Doesn't it embarrass her to talk about this?

8. [+72, -0] I guess she really has nothing to lose now

9. [+69, -6] Changed the channel after seeing Eunjung but this is past the point of adult idol, she's a straight up sex idol

10. [+67, -9] That's quite a strong statement. I don't know whether she's being honest or if I should not be as surprised as I am considering she's old enough to have the experience.

11. [+47, -10] How does she plan on getting married when she's saying stuff like this publicly? She's barely in her mid twenties...

12. [+36, -3] Is she out of her mind? She actually said she wanted to contact her ex boyfriends.. She really just publicly admitted to having lots of sex?