C-JES Entertainment denies rumors of Song Ji Hyo parting ways with the company

Article: [Exclusive] Song Ji Hyo parts ways with CJES... enters the Free Agent market

Source: Naver
1. [+4,535, -33] Did she break up?????

2. [+3,928, -32] They broke up~~~~~~~~~

3. [+3,236, -78] Hul, daebak great decision... unni, join a better company

4. [+3,038, -35] So her boyfriend was the CEO?

5. [+2,869, -20] Did they finally break up!?...

6. [+741, -8] Seeing as how Gary joked with her on Running Man asking if she got a new boyfriend yet, it seems it's been a while since she broke up with him ㅋㅋ

7. [+689, -33] Guess they broke up. Let's push the Monday Couple while we're at it then.

8. [+644, -35] They broke up ㅋㅋㅋ Date Gary now!!

9. [+565, -14] She was dating the CEO but I guess they broke up now

10. [+555, -9] Parting ways with the company also means she part ways with...


Article: C-JES Entertainment reps, "News of Song Ji Hyo becoming an FA are unfounded rumors" official statement

Mydaily via Naver

1. [+1,025, -49] Chang Joo-ya, you're going to be seen as weird if you don't let her terminate her contract just because you guys broke up.

2. [+644, -19] I guess that's why trash journalists are trash...

3. [+508, -16] No Cut News put it out as an exclusive piece. I guess we were all fooled by them ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+324, -11] Why go back and forth;;

5. [+107, -7] Sounds like Song Ji Hyo's reps leaked it to the media now that her contract's expired and she wants to leave... but C-JES doesn't want to let her go.

6. [+94, -9] Feels like they're trying to hold Song Ji Hyo down

7. [+86, -8] Just let her go, so pathetic

8. [+88, -11] It was the first time I felt so happy over a celebrity leaving her company... too bad it's not true ㅜ ㅋㅋ

9. [+79, -9] Looks like they won't be letting her go that easily...

10. [+74, -6] What is this Baek Chang Joo guy? He's so pathetic. C-JES did nothing to help bring Song Ji Hyo to top class level. She has no daebak piece of work and she got to where she is now by physically working hard on Running Man. Her company's trash.

11. [+62, -2] I bet it's already been decided, just that C-JES doesn't want to admit it yet. Just let her go... Don't be pathetic.

12. [+57, -4] As they say, there isn't smoke without fire.