B2ST wins #1 on 'M! Countdown'

Article: B2ST's 'pre-ballad dance-title' tactic works once again... 'Good Luck' #1

TV Report via Naver

1. [+758, -47] B2ST has great songs aside from their title track. Their pre-release made it up the charts and I hope this album hits daebak.

2. [+654, -45] Not a fan but I bought the album. I've been listening to 'Tonight to Your Side' every day lately ㅎㅎ Their performance for 'Good Luck' is of course great. B2ST jjang jjang, they're one of the rare idols I hope will last as long as Shinhwa.

3. [+514, -28] Congratulations on your M! Countdown win!

4. [+517, -33] I like the new song, work hard on your promotions

5. [+140, -14] Why are people sayin their Melon rank is bad? ㅋㅋ They've managed to stay in the top 5 among strong contenders like Maroon 5 and all of the album's other songs have landed in the charts. I guess people have higher expectations of B2ST than I thought.

6. [+130, -11] Sad that we didn't get to see them receive their trophy on M! Countdown because of their half year wrap up. I hope they receive two trophies next week ㅎㅎ

7. [+129, -10] There are a lot of great songs on their album! The album itself is a complete work. I highly recommend 'Tonight to Your Side' ㅠㅠ Not a fan but I always listen to their songs.

8. [+113, -4] I feel like B2ST as a group will last for a long time unless their company disbands them. They're achieving these results through an album they produced and they're past the point where they're dependent on concepts and songs chosen by their company. They also haven't gotten into any scandals and the members don't run their mouths stupidly, and fans have already proven that their fandom won't be ruined over a dating scandal. They never get hate for their live or singing skills either.