New TV show 'Back to My Face' aims to undo excessive plastic surgery

Article: 'Back to My Face' adds another topic of consideration in a plastic surgery generation

OSEN via Naver

Show takes people who feel they have gone through excessive plastic surgery and wish for their old faces back an opportunity to 'undo' the work.

1. [+621, -13] I remember a TV show on cable about fixing up faces and I guess this show is the opposite of that by fixing it the other way. I hope they have good results.

2. [+492, -9] I didn't support the show at first... but the people who want to undo their work seem genuine and made me cry with how bad I felt for them. Seems like a good show.

3. [+285, -3] Fix your face on cable, revert it on public broadcast

4. [+150, -1] I like the point of the show. I think people need to think twice about plastic surgery... being natural is the most beautiful.

5. [+124, -13] The point of the show is good... but they're the ones who got greedy with the plastic surgery in the first place, why make up for it on a TV show? As it is a rare opportunity, I hope they pick the people who really need it and give them good results.


Article: 'Back to My Face' SNS uljjang Kang Yoona "I hate showing my no make up face"

: OSEN via Nate

1. [+348, -76] Can Park Bom go on this show...

2. [+267, -15] The majority of the people seemed to have sensitive hearts... I felt bad for a few of the people. Anyway, I remember commenting a long time ago saying people who get plastic surgery will want to revert it later and I guess I was right.

3. [+225, -21] I always thought about wanting to get plastic surgery but after seeing this show, I decided to love my face a bit more!