EXO's Kris files a lawsuit to terminate his contract with SM

Article: EXO Kris's lawyer, "He has requested to terminate his exclusive contract. We will handle the matter quietly"

: E-News via Nate

1. [+191, -12] I'm not an EXO fan but I think this shows a bigger problem with Chinese kids. How can he do this to his members in the middle of promotions?

2. [+159, -7] Seems like a Chinese company is willing to pay the lawsuit fees to get him to join their company, exactly like what happened with Hangeng. He doesn't need to promote in Korea anyway so obviously he's throwing away the rest of his members...

3. [+120, -18] Gotta give it to the lack of work ethic with the Chinese.


Article: EXO Kris requests contract termination to SM... "Papers have been submitted today"

Source: Korean Econ via Nate

1. [+718, -108] I don't like SM but this proves why you shouldn't train Chinese stars. He's backstabbing the company exactly like Hangeng did. The Chinese do not know who it was that made them whot hey are right now. Soo Man-ah, just kick him out of the country!

2. [+632, -45] Like Hangeng, don't they make more money in China anyway? He probably wants to live getting top star treatment in Korea. If this is true.

3. [+453, -61] So he requested this to the same lawyer Hangeng used. This is why I don't like Chinese members being added to groups. I already knew Kris would do this when I saw him on varieties. Aigoo, SM are you stupid? You already got backstabbed by Hangeng, and now this again?



1. [+4,581, -198] Right on time for mentor appreciation day, he backstabs mentor Lee Soo Man!

2. [+3,205, -191] First he disappeared and now he comes back with a lawsuit. I knew this would happen since last year, that another Hangeng case would happen.

3. [+2,614, -151] Talk about backstabbing.

4. [+2,824, -490] Really... with TVXQ too, is SM just about slave contracts..

5. [+2,153, -307] What is SM doing


Article: Seoul District Court, "Papers have been submitted for Kris's lawsuit against SM Entertainment"

Source: 10asia via Naver

1. [+823, -81] For him to have filed a lawsuit while in a position that he's dreamed of, it's obvious the issue isn't anything light. SM does have quite a lot of secrets...

2. [+432, -36] With TVXQ and now this, there seems to be a problem within SM.

3. [+487, -215] What in the world.. I'm a fan but what about the other members who've suffered with him? The kids who worked hard on broadcast with their injured bodies... Don't do this, your concert's not far away either.

4. [+180, -12] The second Hangeng scandal...

5. [+183, -34] So is SM still doing slave contracts?


Article: SM reps, "We are surprised at Kris's request to terminate his contract"

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+615, -57] If he wanted to leave, why not before the comeback or at least after this promotion ends? What's the point of doing this in the middle of their promotions? Talk about backstabbing..

2. [+432, -50] I just hope EXO doesn't have to go down the path of TVXQ

3. [+328, -17] Right around their comeback...

4. [+239, -30] No... this can't be true...

5. [+124, -16] People keep blaming slave contracts but... do these kids not realize that they're signing into being slaves? Other singers in smaller companies have slave contracts without even being able to perform on music programs. SM has always supported EXO, putting them in top hotels and they probably make a reasonable amount of time. They're top class slaves compared to SM in the past. SM needs to get rid of their management system. They can't handle anything from dating scandals to even having a lawsuit filed.. tsk tsk tsk.