Han Ye Seul prepares for Chinese advancement

Article: Han Ye Seul prepares for Chinese advancement

Source: Donga via Naver

1. [+1,265, -55] She tried so hard to make her Korean comeback work with pictorials and paid media releases but it never worked out. Don't go to China if you're going to act like a queen.

2. [+953, -43] I suggest naming her new drama 'Fugitive'!

3. [+812, -36] Don't run away from film sets while you're in China.

4. [+718, -41] And yet her acting never improves...

5. [+623, -31] Is she shooting a Chinese drama named 'Fugitive'

6. [+353, -12] She thought her popular would cover her cocky attitude without knowing how different American and Korean culture is. She probably thought if Justin Bieber can get away with stuff, she can too.

7. [+348, -9] She's been on hiatus for three years after leaving the film set once... Should've kept her temper down tsk tsk.

8. [+338, -15] So her money must be out... with no work. She ran away from Korea for poor work conditions but she's moving to a country with worse conditions? Don't run away from film sets in China, Han Ye Seul. You'll gain hundreds of thousands of antis.

9. [+308, -12] Even though I'm a fan, I 100% believe it was wrong of her to leave the film set like that.. I hope she doesn't do it in China. It's an embarrassment to the country.. Manage your actions.

10. [+242, -2] Seems she's realized that there is no possible way for her to recover her career in Korea so she's leaving for China. Farewell, bye~