TV: [Spoilers!!!] God's Gift

Article: "God's Gift" Jo Seung Woo turns out to be the one who made Baro disabled

Mydaily via Naver

1. [+4,393, -39] Jo Seung Woo's such a good actor... I think there's something to Baro...

2. [+3,412, -39] Finally the stationery store... And I think there's a connection with that singer Saetbyul that Baro really likes.

3. [+3,122, -23] Wow ㅋ Look at the door opening in the back ㅋ scary

4. [+1,355, -29] So much better than Empress Ki

5. [+1,282, -43] Sunhwa's acting was good in the stationery ㅋㅋ

6. [+1,096, -11] Suspecting Kim Tae Woo... why did he hide the ring and earrings?

7. [+1,001, -10] Stationery ajusshi... Saetbyul's pictures in the home.... goose bumps..... and the door opening.......

8. [+979, -6] The door at the end gave me so much goose bumps