Orange Caramel is supportive of Crayon Pop as a fellow bizarre girl group

Article: Orange Caramel, "Similar concept to Crayon Pop... hope it's a win win for both of us"

Source: Star News via Naver

"We're thankful that a lot of people are enjoying Orange Caramel's distinct concept. We have a lot of promotions left so we'll be showing fun stages."

"We're also supportive of Crayon Pop. It's good to see a variety of diferent girl groups. With our comebacks, we will bump into each other at broadcast halls and so we hope to support each other and wish for the best. We're also Crayon Pop fans and want the best for our 'bizarre concept'."

"Crayon Pop is similar in concept to us. They're a group that's talented in being fun and bringing joy to people."

1. [+938, -29] I think Orange Caramel is more bizarre than Crayon Pop. Their concept surprised me...

2. [+762, -22] A fan of the same bizarre concepts ㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+733, -38] They do have similar concepts but Orange Caramel are tall while Crayon Pop are short ㅋㅋㅋ it's like sexy vs cute

4. [+585, -34] Wishing the best for both teams, epecially since they're being loved for having different charms amidst stripping girl groups!

5. [+439, -36] Both are addictive, find strength!

6. [+90, -5] Meanwhile Rainbow Pixie suffers failure without a word from anyone... hoi hoi

7. [+79, -8] Crayon Pop suffered from poor media sentiment but it's gotten so much better now. I think they'll hit something big this time.

8. [+70, -9] I'm a Crayon Pop fan but I feel like it's thanks to Orange Caramel that Crayon Pop was able to pull off their concept