Hwayoung hospitalized after a car accident

Article: [Exclusive] Hwayoung hospitalized after a car accident 'impossible to attend schedules'

X Sports news via Naver

1. [+1,657, -201] Jiyeon: A difference in determination ^^

2. [+1,471, -349] T-ara's fault

3. [+1,556, -523] I hope only good things happen to Hwayoung

4. [+1,118, -173] T-ara: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+442, -76] Honestly, I don't feel that bad for her anymore. She got into Kyunghee Uni through special treatment before leaving T-ara, went to get her nails done during a concert, claimed Pakr Shin Hye's pictorial was hers on Twitter..

6. [+413, -63] I hated T-ara as a group, doesn't necessarily mean I like Hwayoung

7. [+401, -80] I felt bad for her at first but it seems more and more like she's using that so I'm not that into her anymore

8. [+277, -30] I'm really curious... T-ara uses their determination alone to crawl their way into music or variety shows. Does Hwayoung even have schedules to attend? All of her articles are only ever about her Twitter pictures and stuff... Is n-nobody casting her?

9. [+236, -24] I wonder for how much longer the 'ex T-ara member' tag will follow her around. At this rate, she'll die of old age and it'll be written down as 'Ex T-ara Member Hwayoung dies at age xx...'

10. [+220, -18] So.... what schedule does she even have?????????????