More and more stars close their SNS accounts

Article: Why are stars throwing away their public SNS accounts

: No Cut News via Naver

1. [+797, -11] Because of you guys

2. [+618, -10] So stop turning everything they post into news, they're using it to communicate with their fans but you're not even letting them do that

3. [+298, -9] Because too many journalists put out eas articles over a Twitter tweet... articles that anyone could write if paid some money.

4. [+98, -4] Stars upload selcas on SNS for their fans to see but journalists pick em up release articles saying "goddess beauty" and crap, which is basically ammo for people to comment she's not a goddess, is all she does take selcas all day?;; Journalists are the problem

5. [+75, -3] SNS also leaves more room for them to make mistakes

6. [+82, -13] IU, T-ara, and Clara are examples of SNS misuse