Gary addresses the controversy surrounding his music video

Article: Gary "Sexually suggestive controversy? You have to break the box to move forward"

E-news via Nate

1. [+689, -95] He's right, you indeed must break the box to move forward... but if you're going to break it in such a cheap manner, I'd rather you not break it at all.

2. [+540, -88] Exactly what box is he trying to break...? I often see people say that Korea is too conservative and that they need to open up to sex culture more but if you feel that way, go live in a western country... Every country has its own sentiment, don't label it right or wrong or this or that. Our country loves to think it's open minded on certain issues but it's mostly to look tryhard or important. Our girl groups alone are open minded enough so stop... I don't think our country is the place for Gary's music video to be seen with friends and family and be okay about it...

3. [+470, -66] The hypocrisy of people calling Gary's music video an art work while Yo Se Yoon's was called dirty. I swear, stupid fangirls defending him just because he's on Running Man.

4. [+49, -1] It's not the erotic concept that's the issue... It's that he expressed it in such a cheap manner;; like on the level of an elementary school student. It looks like it should be funny but he presents it in a serious manner which makes it awkward.

5. [+36, -4] Used to love Gary but I can't listen to his music anymore ㅠㅠ such a sexual tryhard ㅠㅠ