Gain's 'Fxxk U' teaser rated 19+

Article: Gain's 'Fxxk U' teaser rated 19+ for swearing... how is it like?

Source: Mydaily via Nate

1. [+1,301, -44] Wow, look at that picture... so severe.. is that a music video or a porno ㅡㅡ

2. [+1,060, -42] Daebak... going too far, really

3. [+1,004, -43] What's the difference between prostitutes and girl groups these days?

4. [+109, -6] Reminds me of aliens ㅋㅋㅋ I want Gain to stop stripping, she's not even sexy but tries so hard

5. [+99, -3] What is she even doing

6. [+93, -4] I always liked and supported sexy girl groups but this is a straight up no. It's not sexy but a concept of a sexual act... is she joking or intentionally going for a slutty image?

7. [+83, -3] Proof that the world is oging crazy!!!!

8. [+74, -5] Doggy style?