Dasom says her ultimate goal is acting

Article: SISTAR Dasom "My ultimate goal is not singing but acting" (1v100)

Newsen via Nate

MC: "You're doing great as both a singer and an actress. Which do you like better?"

Dasom: "Acting is helping my singing career a lot. My ultimate goal is acting. I can't give up singing, though. It's a difficult question."

1. [+2,097, -27] What true words, words that will get you beat up ('true/right' and 'beat up' use the same word 'mat da')

2. [+1,849, -45] Brainless statement... If she went into acting without her assocation to SISTAR, she would not be able to star in a elad on a daily drama, especially with her lack of acting skills and looks. This is a statement that says fu*k you to SISTAR and their fans... She should think before she talks next time.

3. [+1,668, -24] When SISTAR first debuted, I heard Dasom debuted as a singer when she was originally supposed to be an actress but couldn't because of her iljin history.

4. [+131, -0] The important part, Dasom, is that you can't act

5. [+120, -3] ??? What? The only thing that makes her stand out in SISTAR is that she has whiter skin than the rest. Other than that, she's nothing special. Her acting is about an average idol's level as well. Just stick to Hyorin's shadow in SISTAR and work hard on your promotions, jeez..

6. [+108, -1] She's one of those Jiyoung type members... worst in singing and dancing in the group, only role is having a pretty face, which they want to use to get into acting but they suck at acting.

7. [+80, -2] You're living off of Hyorin, mind you...

8. [+60, -0] SISTAR's only lasting this long because of Hyorin. Their bubble will pop one day.

9. [+45, -1] How dare she say that to SISTAR and their fans?

10. [+37, -0] Can't sing, can't dance, even the things you say garner hate. You're nothing and you're always on variety shows or opening and closing your mouth on SISTAR's stages...