CNN reports on K-net fascination with 'eating broadcasts'

Article: "Korean netizens pay to watch people eat" <CNN>

Source: Yonhap News via Nate (original article here)

Article talks about the popularity of 'mukbang', literally translated to 'eating broadcast', where regular people stream themselves eating dinner or whatever for people who have a fascination with watching people eat and will even donate to the stream to keep it going. Streamers like her and her make a living off of it and have relatively big fanbases.


1. [+6,582, -154] I'd rather buy something delicious for myself than pay to watch someone else eat

2. [+6,223, -167] Maybe because I'm not into it but it doesn't seem like that's normal

3. [+4,273, -80] I bet foreigners are wondering why we don't pay ourselves to eat

4. [+3,540, -67] Are the people who donate to streams like this living vicariously through them...

5. [+401, -39] I remember I met a guy who lived by himself and he'd eat dinner while watching one of those 'eating broadcasts'. I asked him why he bothered watching that and he said it was fun and that he felt like he was eating with someone as opposed to alone.

6. [+367, -5] No wonder streamers can live off of it considering all of the idiots who fund usch activities

7. [+332, -12] Instead of giving money to 'Afreeka' streamers (name of stream site), they should give money to actual children in Africa

8. [+236, -5] I wonder if people feel full from watching people eat