B1A4 under suspicion for sajaegi

Article: B1A4 'Lonely' wins first #1 since comeback on 'Show Champion'

Mydaily via Naver

1. [+810, -100] It's really noisy right now with people claiming sajaegi, I don't think they'd be too comfortable with their win right now. They should hurry up and clarify the issue.

2. [+549, -73] It's a mess right now because of sajaegi, why isn't their company saying anything?????????

3. [+928, -574] I knew this album would do well ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Congratulations ㅠㅠㅠㅠ Thank you ㅠㅠㅠㅠ ♥

4. [+774, -429] Congrats! Thank you, I love Lonely! Fighting~

5. [+369, -38] People are in a riot over their album sajaegi, the company needs to put out clear proof that it's not true or this is just going to grow out of control. CEO, put out your receipts or something.


Article: 14,000 copies sold in there hours and a half... B1A4's album sajaegi controversy

Source: No Cut News via Naver

1. [+3,580, -645] This is not B1A4's fault but the fault of the company, of course, but don't act like we (TVXQ fans) instigated this first when there is enough proof to keep you from denying any of this. Bring the proof if you're so adamant on proving your innocence. Where are your receipts?

2. [+3,210, -370] Their receipts are 'Lonely'

3. [+2,795, -425] Everything about this screams sajaegi, I really want to hear a Bana try to explain how these are all just rumors. You ask a Bana this and they shut up ㅋ It's unfortunate for B1A4 but the victims in this are TVXQ and their fans being shafted out of a win.

4. [+2,501, -333] Don't try to shield this if you don't have clearcut proof proving otherwise ㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+2,158, -189] The only reason this is a controversy is because the company isn't saying anything.


*Sajaegi is basically like buying back your own albums. How it's done is companies will take one CD, replace the barcode, record the barcode as sold, replace the barcode again, record it as sold again, and rinse and repeat with the same single CD.)

- B1A4 sold 22,000 copies of their previous album in its first week but sold 67,000 copies of their new album in its first week with only 1,000 people attending their fan signing (to compare, TVXQ sold 73,000 copies in their first week with 8,300 people attending their fan signing).

- Sold 3,600 copies in Daegu alone.

- No receipts released (agency claimed they will show them after they assessed the situation)

- Their album sales ranking rose to #2 only at night with a random spike of 8,000 copies sold in the span of two hours (1/19).

- Fans retorted that the spike in sales between this album and last album is due to the album being divided into six different styles and the increase in fans. However, people argued back that Super Junior had an album with 10 different purchaseable styles (5th album) which sold 79,100 copies in its first week. Their 6th album had even less styles but sold 80,781 copies, showing that the album variety has no impact on first week sales.

- Fans also retorted that 5,000 copies were sold through a group order and 3,000 copies were sold through their fan signing. That still leaves 32,000 copies in the air, which fans claimed were bought by international fans. There has yet to be proof or receipts shown on this, however.

- It is impossible for B1A4 to have reached even 40,000 in sales in their first week according to Hot Tracks' offline sales. (Hot Tracks recorded about 620 copies sold per day throughout their five record stories, making it impossible for the rest of the 32,000 to be sold in the span of three days).

- Proof gathered on the side of B1A4 accounts for 1,000 in domestic group orders, 3,500 in international group orders, and 3,000 in fan signing (Hanteo Charts confirmed that the max limit is 1,000 copies for group orders), which means 32,500 copies (81.25% of their sales) are still missing in the air and unaccounted for.

Numbers and all of that jazz can be found on this blog.