Nichkhun's dongseng gives him a Christmas kiss on the cheek

Article: Nichkhun's Christmas 'cheek kiss' with beautiful dongseng

Source: Star News via Naver

1. [+4,001, -238] No matter how pretty my dongseng is, I'd never do any type of skinship with her.

2. [+3,315, -352] What's the point in uploading pictures like this?

3. [+2,004, -510] Crazy.

4. [+775, -37] This is just aegyo compared to Go Eun Ah and Mir ㅋ

5. [+738, -71] Not a Nichkhun fan, not shielding him either, but it's not like these two were born and raised in Korea. Why accuse them of incest when they never even grew up in Korean culture? Skinship is another type of showing your affection, shouldn't it be a good thing for families to show their affection like that? Korean families actually don't show enough emotions or affections to one another and that's a problem.

6. [+710, -62] Why is it dirty for a dongseng to give her oppa  kiss? I don't do that with my oppa... but they're foreigners and grew up in a culture different from ours;; And it's sad that we think that a kiss between family members is dirty. I really don't understand;;;

7. [+537, -32] I've seen cases where this is possible if the dongseng is significantly younger than them. I know a few friends who are really close with their oppas, but maybe because there's a big age gap.

8. [+445, -33] There are a few families that share skinship like this ever since they were young. They don't think of kisses like this as that big of a deal.

9. [+419, -21] This is actually nothing compared to Mir kissing his sister on the lips.

10. [+321, -13] I'd question the kiss if there isn't a big age gap but I remember seeing that there were a lot of younger dongsengs in Nichkhun's family and I think skinship like this is possible in families with bigger age gaps.