Jessica faints at the airport after being mistaken for a fan and pushed down

My bad on this being late.


Article: SNSD Jessica's airport accident "Hit her head on the railing and fainted"

Source: Herald News via Nate

1. [+659, -8] Even if it's to protect her... How can he think pushing a female fan to the point of fainting is okay? It's only because it was Jessica that it's reaching media attention, but if it was anyone else, she probably would've just fainted to the floor to be stepped on by everyone.

2. [+583, -8] Even if he did it because he thought it was a fan, how is it okay to treat fans like that? And sasaeng fans, please stop acting up and keep your nuisance to yourself.

3. [+368, -6] He's probably going to be fired now

4. [+18, -6] Security guards may look like they're going too far but I can understand why when I see what the sasaeng fans do. They try so hard to grope celebrities in private places and never listen to anything the security guards say until force is used. Violence is never the answer but sasaengs take things too far...

5. [+17, -5] It wasn't an SNSD bodyguard but a staff member of the airport. Stop hating on SNSD's bodyguards...


Article: SNSD Yoona Taeyeon trip in a pile of trash? Anti-Hallyu incident disturbs the girls

Source: TV Daily via Nate

1. [+522, -28] It's not Yoona and Taeyeon but a Hong Kong star Tyler Kwon's niece and her friend. It was a misreport, how could you think of reporting gossip?

2. [+428, -26] This is the same media outlet that spread rumors about Yoona and Psy. The damn Chinese are always releasing trashy articles. SNSD doesn't even have time to go to clubs because they're so busy with their concert. What's the point of reporting on something that's already been done and over with in Hong Kong? Tsk tsk

3. [+398, -22] A Chinese star already clarified this that it's his dongseng. Chinese and their rumors..