Ailee's reps confirm the pictures to be her and reveals ex works at allkpop

Article: Ailee's reps, "The pictures are of her she took when she was offered to be a lingerie model... We will be taking legal action"

Star News via Nate + Naver

"When Ailee was living in America, she received a lingerie modeling offer from a famous company there. She took nude photos because they wanted a better judgment of her body but the company was unable to be contacted after she took them. She reported them to the police and it was later found that she was frauded by a company who approached other college girls as well.

Ailee discussed the matter with her ex-boyfriend, a current allkpop employee, and he claimed that he would need to see the exact content of the pictures before coming up with a solution so she sent them to him."

1. [+998, -36] Way better than denying it like T-ara Jiyeon... Anyone can tell it's Jiyeon but she still acts like it isn't.. ㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+699, -94] Makes no sense that an advertising company would ask her to pose nude before considering casting her as their lingerie model. Obviously the company is making that up while the second part with the boyfriend threatening her ist rue.

3. [+577, -53] Ailee's pathetic, that ex is pathetic.. sigh, Ailee must feel so frustrated right now.

4. [+159, -24] Why would they need pictures of her naked to cast her as a lingerie model?????????

5. [+148, -32] They're making up too many lies, the public isn't stupid... Why would she need to pose naked to be a lingerie model? It's not a porno audition...

6. [+124, -28] Sorry, but I think that part's made up.


Article: Ailee's reps, "She feels great pain over being involved in a nude picture fraud..."

OSEN via Naver

1. [+7,828, -357] That ex-boyfriend is embarrassing all of us men

2. [+6,911, -349] If this is true, it's Ailee who's the victim here... and her ex who's the criminal

3. [+4,125, -389] Find strength, Ailee..!!

4. [+2,923, -227] At least the excuse is better made up than IU's visiting the sick ㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+1,896, -111] Better than saying she took her clothes off because she was hot ㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+1,589, -230] I guess it took them all day to come up with that excuse...


Ailee's reps "Her ex-boyfriend works at allkpop"

Starin via Nate

1. [+432, -117] As a fan who loves Ailee for her vocal talent and musicality, I believe that her class will remain despite this scandal so I will continue to support her. Find strength and hope to see you on stage soon!

2. [+139, -9] allkpop's CEO is a 2nd generation Korean and the site itself is known for being anti-Korea. All of the staff are 2nd generation Koreans as well. I wondered why a Korean would talk trash about Korea so much and found out that his wife is Japanese ㅋㅋ not only that, but I'm sure that his wife's sister site 'Tokyo Hive' is a blog meant to hype up Japan too. What's funny is that they have the support of the Japanese so there are a ton of Japanese IDs on that site. Not only that, but they call SNSD 'Shoujo Jidai' and write articles that are only bad about Korea and only good about Japan. You'll know if you live in America how much Korean Americans think lowly of Korea.

3. [+135, -10] Ailee did nothing good herself but that ex is the one with the problem for using his ex girlfriend's picture for money. Ailee's a talented artist so I'm upset she's involved in something like this. Find strength.


Article: What wrong did Ailee commit?

Source: Oh My News via Naver

Editorial type article highlighting the fact that she's a victim who needs support right now.

1. [+535, -84] A proper article for once. Ailee, find strength. She must be in such shock right now.

2. [+419, -54] Her excuse makes no sense but... let's not exile a talented artist~~

3. [+379, -64] Personally, as an Ailee fan, I like her even more now.

4. [+294, -38] This article hit the nail on the head

5. [+96, -19] The problem in this entire scandal is her ex-boyfriend. No need to direct the hate to Ailee.. she's a talented artist as well.