Ailee to continue with scheduled promotions as planned

Article: [Exclusive] Ailee forges on with confidence... scheduled to attend the Melon Music Awards on the 14th

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+3,291, -330] I like that she's confident... of course, I wanted a better excuse than the lingerie model lie but... I guess that's the company to blame for their lack of creativity

2. [+2,720, -194] It's not like she's a criminal or anything, it's good to see her keep her head up high

3. [+2,352, -113] It's the nature of being a celebrity. You shouldn't dream of becoming one without thinking of the risks involved... Your private life is no longer yours if you want to achieve popularity. Overcome the risks and you're rewarded with massive amounts of money.

4. [+2,114, -128] Good to see that she's not hiding but out and confident

5. [+946, -35] Yeah, I prefer this than Jiyeon saying it's not her even if it kills her

6. [+500, -60] Seungri's still out on TV even after getting his picture taken after sleeping with a girl. Ailee has nothing to hide, continue to promote as you are. The man who leaked the photos will cry tears of blood soon. You are amazing, Ailee.

7. [+354, -35] In this day and age, we've all seen more graphic content. Nothing to be ashamed of, Ailee. Fighting!

8. [+318, -26] Such a different response compared to Jiyeon and IU ㅋㅋㅋ But then again, their excuses about taking her clothes off because she was hot and visiting the sick were just unbelievable... Whatever, Ailee's a great singer so it doesn't matter.

9. [+304, -18] You need a strong head like her to survive in the entertainment industry. It's either that or get eaten alive.

10. [+296, -37] I actually don't believe that her company made the story up since there are so many stories of girls being scammed by entertainment agencies even in our country.