Park Jin Young confirms 2PM as JYP's breadwinners, not Suzy

Article: 'Radio Star' Park Jin Young "Suzy brings in $10 million, 2PM doubles Suzy"

X Sports News via Nate

1. [+967, -81] KARA's really.. ㅋㅋ in front of a grand senior like Park Jin Young... the writers ask what they think of Park Jin Young and they reply that they don't really care.. KARA, please return to your roots.. Park Jin Young, do well~

2. [+552, -48] It's true that Suzy's amazing for all she's accomplished but I guess she isn't the breadwinner after all. Suzy and 2PM, fighting!

3. [+494, -51] Yeah, Suzy's not the breadwinner... 2PM is the one feeding JYP.

4. [+83, -9] I'm liking Park Jin Young's song. You can tell that he really put a lot of serious thought into it. As for KARA, I was deeply disappointed with their attitude and am just embarrassed for them all around.

5. [+54, -5] I think 2PM is more than double Suzy's... they make up around 80% of JYP's income.

6. [+44, -6] Yeah, Suzy's known as the breadwinner but the real money makers are 2PM..

7. [+38, -3] I could connect to everything Park Jin Young said today... it was an unexpected surprise, since you'd expect to be entertained by a variety show but instead I had my heart touched.

8. [+35, -3] It bothers me every time people call Suzy the breadwinner in all of her articles when it's really 2PM putting food on the table for JYP.


Article: Goo Hara "When I was eliminated from JYP, Sunmi was chosen instead"

Source: Newsen via Nate

1. [+937, -28] Sunmi was chosen over her because she's obviously the better singer. And if KARA ever dares to come out on Radio Star again, they better expect death threats. They know that this is a diss program and they sit there asking not to be dissed? You only get top star treatment in Japan, don't expect the same in Korea too... and daebak at Seungyeon showing her temper. I can see why Gyuri isn't close with them.

2. [+773, -18] KARA's ego is about to poke the sky with how high it is~ They must think they're hot stuff but they're not that popular in Korea anymore~

3. [+628, -14] I'm starting to think that the rumors of Gyuri being ostracized in KARA might be true... She doesn't seem like she'd fit in with girls like that.

4. [+47, -5] I bet Park Jin Young saw her attitude on today's episode and thought to himself, "This is why I didn't pick her." ㅋ

5. [+42, -4] This broadcast was very telling in why Sunmi was chosen over you.