Park Jin Young announces engagement

Article: Park Jin Young to marry girlfriend 9 years his junior on October 10th

Source: Yonhap News via Naver

1. [+5,409, -202] Live happily without getting divorced now

2. [+5,103, -184] Now that you've woken up, I hope you raise a normal family

3. [+4,121, -195] That woman is going to be under a lot of pressure to match his lifestyle

4. [+1,163, -117] People like Park Jin Young should just stay single instead of getting married... too open minded to achieve a normal marriage life.

5. [+813, -31] Unless Park Jin Young changes his work schedule, whoever he marries will have a difficult time coping with the loneliness. Even his ex-wife divorced him because he was busy 24 hours and she was so lonely...